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Are you looking for a diet that will help you lose weight quickly*, in a way that fits in with your lifestyle?

Options to suit your eating patterns and a range of delicious meals, snacks, drinks and shakes to keep hunger at bay.

Low in calories, low in carbohydrate and low GI, you will be getting 100% of the recommended vitamins & minerals for good health.

The diet is easy to follow, no calorie counting, we’re here to support you & it works!

*100% RDA based on 4 meal packs per day.

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Our Plans

All About Weight has worked with leading dieticians and nutritionists to develop a range of tasty main meals, snacks and drinks to help you make the switch from your regular diet to our menu of options.

They will provide you with all the good stuff that your body needs and provide fast, effective weight loss*.

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  • Alison Richardson
    Alison Richardson
    “Now I enjoy a healthy meal each day, along with my mealpacks, and keep my treats in moderation. I feel so much better and I really enjoy life to the full.”
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  • Robert Robertson
    Robert Robertson
    “I’ve got my independence back. It has literally changed my life and I can now look forward to many happy years with my family.”
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  • Fay Jones
    Fay Jones
    “The big weight loss I had in my first week really kept me motivated, and it just kept coming off.”
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